A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Control two dices that capture coins. Use your Joystick to rotate the dices towards the coins to get them and get into the rhythm. Are you able to finish the song? How many coins did you get? Let us know in the comments!

This game was developed for the GMTK Game Jam of 2022.


Rotate Left Dice Up
WLeft Joystick Up
Rotate Left Dice DownSLeft Joystick Down
Rotate Left Dice LeftALeft Joystick Left
Rotate Left Dice RightDLeft Joystick Right
Rotate Right Dice UpIRight Joystick Up
Rotate Right Dice DownKRight Joystick Down
Rotate Right Dice LeftJRight Joystick Left
Rotate Right Dice RightLRight Joystick Right
Pause Menu
EscapeMenu Button

Feel free to comment and give us suggestions!


BoinkTheCoin Linux 178 MB
BoinkTheCoin Windows 178 MB

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